How To Replace the Upper and Lower Thermostat Housing on a Ford 4.0L V6 SOHC Engine

Step 10: Reconnect Generator Cable, Throttle Body, Air Intake Hose, and Battery

Reconnect the generator cable. Using your 10 mm socket you can reconnect the lower connector, then push in the other two connectors until they seat fully.


Reinstall the throttle body with the four bolts you removed in Step 3 using an 8 mm socket.


Don't forget to reconnect the electrical connector to the throttle body.


Reinstall the air intake hose. Slip it into place and tighten the clamps on both ends. Make sure to reconnect the crankcase ventilation tube (the hard tube that tees off and goes back towards the oil fill tube).


Reconnect the negative cable to the battery's negative terminal. If the terminals or connectors are dirty, now's a good time to clean them up (pickup a battery terminal cleaner at the auto parts store for a couple bucks.

The hardest work is done! The engine is all back together (except for the "4.0L SOHC" cover, but don't put this back on yet), and should look like the photo above.

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